Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flying Orgasms

"I am NOT feeling sexy today," I whined at H this morning.

It was true.  I had been up way too late the night before, and I had barely got into my first cup of coffee while I dragged my feet about going to work. I had already dropped J at school, but had to come home for my shower and to get dressed.

After the shower, I viewed my naked self in the mirror and sighed.  It was not a feeling good kind of day.

"I'm sorry."  H said with a tone that implied, Is there more to this?

I stood to go to work.  H came over to kiss me and noted that it was Thursday - maintenance day.  Did I want my spanking before I left or later on?

I started to tell him it was up to him, but he gave me one of those dominant I asked you a question and I expect an answer looks.


"Okay," he agreed as he moved me down the hall to the bedroom.

I approached our bed.  Hands flat out in front of me, legs spread wide.  H pulled two pillows down for me to lay across.

"I love the way those little heels give your ass a bit of a lift."  Did I mention that I was dressed for work in a skirt and small black pumps?  Well, now the skirt was around my waist and my body was half inert.  But the pumps were still there.

I don't remember what all was said, I just remember the flogger coming down.  H started flipping it across my ass in a whippy manner that suggested he was having fun.

There is something with the floggers.  They start by making my nipples hard, then they tease my bum and then a burn starts to build.  It is not sharp like the feather duster or hard like the hand.  It is soft and it is intense.  Anyway, that's how it works for me.

I started to get turned on - and I said as much, "If you are trying to turn me on, it is working."

Suddenly, there was a pause and then a cock pushed up right against my pussy.  I yelped, "Oh, God!"

We've been in this position before (same shoes!) and I know that I am just a few inches too low for H.  I slid my knees up on the corner of the bed, hoping I was not too high.

H managed to shove himself in and started pumping away.  I was getting into it, but realized the rhythm was off - gasp, "Am I too high?"  grunt, "A bit."

I dropped one leg and aimed for a diagonal straight on to H as he kept going.

It felt so good and I was settling in for the ride, when swish, swish, the flogger hit again.

My hip bucked involuntarily against H, which must be desirable, because with one hand he grasped me into his groin and with the other, swish, swish.  And just like that, an orgasm was knocking on my clit.  Two more random floggings and fuckings and the orgasm dam broke.

And once again, I was flying.

Remember, I was one knee on the bed and one leg on the floor and then both legs were straight back around H's hips.  It was like I was a wheelbarrow, with the bed supporting my torso and my legs just waving in the air.

Flying orgasms.

The BEST orgasm ever.  I had no control, no thoughts, I was screaming and I could hear me, and my mind was like, "THE NEIGHBORS!" and my body was not connected to my mind and the screams just kept coming.  H held me until it subsided and then moved me directly to the bed where I sat straight down on to him.

I started a pretty good rhythm and was rewarded with a look of pleasure as H's eyes closed.  I vowed to keep the rhythm going for him, because he had caused what just happened to my body, and he deserved to come like that too...  I was getting it going - riding his cock, up and down, at a bit of angle when out of nowhere...

The orgasm dam broke again.  And I came.  This time my mind was "No!  What about H?!?!"  And my body still didn't give a damn as it quivered.

As I quieted, we started moving again and I really vowed to let H come this time.  But it was too late, they were triggering now, one after another.  And then... I came so hard that I clamped down.  I clamped down enough that H's cock decided to vacate.

Shit.  I hate it when that happens.

He looked at me.  "Time to suck your cock now."  I don't think it is mine, but I went right down.  And I sucked.  I worked the hand over the balls and up and down as I gagged on the ever growing member in my throat.  I am not sure, but I think I was swinging my ass about as I was sucking and the numerous wet spots on the bed after attest to this fact.

A little secret - if you put your whole body into sucking a cock, they will feel it and so will you.  I think H had a great orgasm, but I can't be sure.  I  do know that he waved my head away for one of the first times ever.

I sat up and smiled at him as I tasted his come in my throat.

"Are you feeling sexy now?"


  1. What a wonderful way to start your day!
    (and thanks for the arrow to Spanky's blog...)

    1. You're welcome - Spanky is great!

      It was, oh it was. Unfortunately, I had to go to work after that. Sigh.

  2. Oh wow. Oh wow. I stopped by because I saw your name on other blogs and wow - I am blown away! :)

    Amazing way to start off the morning. I am just starting out and hope to eventually get to maintenance days.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Addy,

      Thanks for stopping in - I've been by your blog and like it too. :) It was an amazing way to turn around the morning... my day had already started not good. Haha.

      Maintenance is not for everyone (and for a lot, it is about discipline), but we do it three times a week because we like it. I guess we need an entryway sometimes.

    2. As long as you know what you need and are getting that (grin) then it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. :D

      For me I know that the act itself even in punishment really and truly re-sets my attitude and helps me see that
      MDK really does value our relationship.

      Loving this whole blogging experience. Have a an awesome weekend.

  3. Master's piece said a while ago ( far enough ago that I can't find the post ) having sex makes you feel sexy. Feeling sexy makes you want to have sex more. Simple equation and words to live by. At least in our world. ;)

    1. I think in everyone's world. (Or maybe I have just always been in this world and didn't know it?) And yes, my initial comment may have been a signal to H that it had been a while.

      So glad he took care of that.

  4. Everyone needs a tune up now and again.

  5. Trying to read this post for the last several hours - just finally got around to it, and boy I'm glad I did.

    Oh yes, that's how to do it. The flogging, the screaming, the flying, oh, I love it!

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I love it when I'm screaming and I'm thinking about the neighbors and... my mouth just does. not. care.

    2. That is a good way to say it. My mouth did not care. I think I come up short when I to describe the real way it was - but I keep trying. There are only so many words for mindless incredible convulsing orgasms.

      We should make up some new ones.

    3. I think I SHOULD think about the neighbours a little more. BIKSS can't stand that I'm as loud as I am. One day he's really gonna get mad I'm sure.

  6. Reading your posting
    I felt a big smile
    the interaction
    the feeling and even
    in a day of maintenance
    there can be flying
    and the best orgasm
    ever (for so far :-))

    Wish you an nice weekend
    and of course I hope
    you still feel

    Love Monsier Fessee

    1. There have been a lot of best orgasms so far - since all this pain business. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Just found you. Will make sure I cum back.


    1. Thanks Mick, I see your blog from time to time and I appreciate you coming by.

  8. Whaa! I want a flying orgasm!! bet I can answer the last question he posed to you ;)

    1. I originally did answer it, but then I thought it was obvious. :)

  9. Great post! I shared it on twitter.

    1. Wow, thanks Spanky! It has been a while since I was able to get a sexcapade in. :)


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