Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rules of Attire - My Favorite Rules

Some of you may be looking for contract language in the making of your own contract to enter into a D/s relationship.  I thought I would share some of the rules of attire in my contract today because, well, they are my favorite rules so far:

Slave agrees that she is now the sexual trophy of her Master and shall present herself as such at all times.  Slave is expected to dress, sit, stand and walk in such a manner as to display her as Masters sexual trophy and please His and others vision of her at all times.

Skirts, boots or shoes-with-heels, garters with stockings or tights or dresses shall ALWAYS BE ACCEPTABLE AS the mainstay of public attire.

Undergarments that would hide or prevent quick access to Slave’s ass or pussy should be avoided whenever possible while wearing a skirt or dress. 

There are more that I did not include because you don't need to see the whole contract, but these are very interesting.  If you knew me two weeks ago, you would know that I rarely ever wore a dress - my dream job was one where I could show up in jeans every day.  I keep a fine collection of sweat pants.  I always thought that panties were mandatory, minimum required wear.

When I first read the contract, I found it very interesting that there was so much related to how I dress.  There is nothing in the behavior section about cleaning the house or making meals or any typical domestic submissive duties - no.  What was important to Him was that I learn how to be a woman (in the physical sense).

As I have often done with Him, I agreed.  I have always tried to consider what He finds important as important to me.  Even before contracts.

Well, over the last two weeks, I have worn pants four days.  Panties on five and a half.  The half because I took them off during the day when they started to annoy me.

I just walked into the office and my part time employee took a double look as, once again, I am wearing nylons, heels and a skirt.  If only she knew the nylons stop at my thighs (still figuring out the thigh highs) and I am bare on my pussy.  (NOT shaved - just bare.)

It gave me a little smile.  All of a sudden, I have a lot of those little smiles.  I have connected with my femaleness.  I have finally tapped into some of the feminine mystique that I have never previously accessed - the intellectual, successful part was nailed years ago - but the pretty part, well I didn't know that I was allowed to have that part too.

Last night, we were viewing some items in the garage and I just leaned back a little and stuck a hip out.  Very Bette Davis and very on purpose.  He immediately noticed and ended up eating my pussy all over the pool table.  I loved it!

Once again, His thoughtful planning and thinking about me has improved my life remarkably.  I think that letting go and submitting completely is something that I will continue to push back on a bit as I get too much up in my head and my feminism and whatever, but in the meantime... baby diaper cream works wonders if your thighs are chafing and a little sensuality in the walk goes a long way to confidence in other things.

And nothing beats a Smart Master, who loves you.

I awoke so damn proud to be His. So in awe of the amazing Man that I serve/love and obey...

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